How Can I Understand The Fake Yeezy Slides?

The Fake Yeezy slides are not of high quality materials. They are made of cheaper leather or some type of plastic impregnated with chemicals to give the appearance of real leather. Are you sure that it’s fake? Mostly the replica Yeezys slides are very clear when you wear them. They tend to stretch out much more than real Human Race slides, leaving feet sticking out of the front and back straps when you purchase them in a size too small for your foot.

The back strap is also much longer than the original. Besides them, there are also some important points that you should notice before purchasing Yeezy slides. In this context, we will discuss some points to make your work easy. So, without further any due let’s get started.

What Are Fake Yeezy Slides?

The term “fakes” can refer to any imitation or counterfeit of an item on the market. Some items that are common targets for fake versions include apparel, shoes, jewelry, and many other commodities.

In the case of Yeezy slides specifically, fakes look similar to real Human Race Slides from Adidas Originals but there is a big difference between the quality and materials used. The cost of fake slides is normally cheaper than the original. The sole is not soft and will crack in a matter of months if worn regularly.

The strap also feels thinner and flimsier, and it can tear and rip easily when stretched too far or forced to go over the toes.

How to Spot a Fake Yeezy Slide?

There are some points that you can look at your Yeezy slides before purchasing. In this content, we will discuss the main points of the fake Yeezy slide. You must check them carefully so you can not get the bad quality of the product.

#1 Check the strap carefully.

The first thing you should consider is the strap of your Yeezy slides. Real slides have a hard and thick rubber that does not stretch but fake Yeezys have a flexible and thinner rubber that can easily get worn out after a few months of use.

The strap is one of the most important parts of Yeezy slides. So, if the strap is made of cheap and thinner material then it’s clearly a fake Yeezy slide. Moreover, the strap must be tightly attached to the back, front and middle areas.

#2 Check the sole material of Yeezy slides

When you wear your fake Yeezy slide for a few minutes, there will be marks on your foot. This happens because the sole is not soft like the original slides. The sole of real slides is made of rubber which makes it more flexible and absorbs sweat from your feet.

When you wear replica Yeezy slides for a long time, it will leave a red color on your feet which clearly shows its cheap quality. If you want to wear real Adidas slides then you should check our website. This website provides original Yeezy Slides with a hundred percent guarantee of authenticity.

#3 Check the front part of Yeezy Slides

Mostly the Fake Yeezy slide can stretch much more than real slides. This is because real slides have stronger and thicker rubber which cannot be stretched after wearing it for a few minutes. For this reason, fake Yeezys slides can easily slip off from the feet and they will not stay tight in ankle areas.

This is very annoying when you are out with your friends or partners. You have to walk carefully if you are wearing fake slides because of the slipping problem.

#4 Check the back part of the Yeezy slide

If you want to wear real Adidas slides or other brand slides then it’s important that you check the strap properly. It must be tightly attached to the middle, front and back areas of your slide.

In fake Adidas slides or other brand slides the strap is only attached at the front and middle area and it will leave marks on the back area which clearly shows if you wear it for a few minutes. Moreover, these fake walks cannot be tightly attached to ankle parts and after using them for a long time they can easily slip off from the ankle.

#5 Check the stitching of Yeezy slides

Mostly the fake Yeezy will not have proper stitching. Real Adidas slides are stitched by using cotton material which makes it more strong and more comfortable. So, if you see cotton material stitching on your Yeezy slide then they are original otherwise it’s a fake one.

This factor can be seen in Yeezy slides with a strap. The stitching of the strap is very important because it strongly attaches to your feet and gives you a comfortable feeling while wearing Adidas slides.

In replica Yeezy slides, most of them have proper stitching at the front and middle area but stitching will not be done properly on the back side which makes their back area lose.

So, these are some important points that you should check for buying Yeezy slides. Moreover, I have already mentioned above that if the strap is made of flexible and thin rubber then it’s a fake slide. You can also check our website for buying real Adidas slides with a hundred percent guarantee of authenticity.

The Price of The Fakes Vs The Real Thing

Every Yeezy slide costs around $100. Fake slides are available at very cheap rates but you can get real Adidas slides at a lower price with a hundred percent authenticity guarantee. So, it’s your choice whether to buy costly fake Yeezys slides or buy original ones at a lesser cost.

We know that you all want to look stylish and smart in your casuals. If you want to look like a rapper then you should wear Yeezy slides. They are very comfortable and stylish shoes that will make you look different from others.

You can see the far difference between the real and fake slides on the market or any e-commerce shop like Amazon, eBay, and other platforms. So, you should choose carefully when you are deciding to buy this type of shoes.

Why Should You Never Buy Them?

There are many reasons to avoid the fake Yeezy slides. You already know how to spot fake slides. Now, let’s come to the point. The 10 reasons why you shouldn’t buy or avoid fake slides are following below:

  • It is not made of rubber. Rubber is not strong and flexible as compared to the real Yeezy slides which provide you strength, comfortability, and durability.
  • Fake slides are not tight at the ankle part so it’s very difficult for the wearer to walk.
  • It is not stretchable.
  • It is made of low quality material which will not remain long lasting.
  • The Yeezy slides will get pierced with time when you wear them for a long time.
  • Most of the fake Yeezy Slides do not have proper stitching on the back side, so they can easily slip off.
  •  It is not flexible which makes it difficult for the wearer to walk properly.
  • It has a very thin rubber strap which is not strong and durable.
  • There are many sizes of fake Yeezy available in the market but real slides are available in only 7-8 sizes.

So, we always suggest you buy genuine Adidas slides with a hundred percent guarantee and at a good price.

Final Thoughts

We’ve all made a poor selection for a restricted budget at some time. But it’s incorrect. We believe that this saves our life, but the fact is that it does not. So, always think about your life first. Keep yourself away from fake products not only for Adidas slides but also for other counterfeit products. Fake products are killing our economy and society. So, it’s high time to stop buying counterfeits. That’s why I have written this article to save both money and time.

So, guys now we are at the end of the content. If you have more questions just drop your message in our inbox or you can comment below the blog post. Thank You!!