6 Best Womb Chair Replica of 2022

Deciding where to find iconic pieces that aren’t expensive, but look authentic from all angles, is a real challenge. Furniture enthusiasts often face great reviews for “not so good” products rated by people who haven’t even seen the product itself.

For example, a piece of furniture called the Eames chair has become the most reproduced product in history. The sad story is that most of these replicas do not last a few years. It doesn’t even come close to the original that lasted for decades. However, there are still people willing to spend thousands of dollars just to have a feeling of luxury in their homes.

Another object frequently copied and reproduced is the womb chair. This is why buyers carry out a comprehensive analysis when choosing one. We collect comprehensive analysis for the best womb chair replica based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the materials used: both in the hardware and the choice of fabric.
  • Construction: How well does the seat meet the specifications of the womb chair original?
  • Cost: we eliminate poor quality or overpriced ones.

Our Top Choice For The Best Womb Chair Replica:

1. Yaheetech Modern Fabric Living Room Chair

best womb chair replica

The modern Yaheetech fabric chair gives us an upgraded look, suitable for both modern and traditional bedrooms. Let’s talk about it in depth.

Product Features:

Aesthetic: Appearance matters when it comes to buying furniture for your beautiful home. Furniture, especially chairs, makes your surroundings more welcoming, making people feel welcome. The general appearance of this chair is straightforward and aesthetic, giving your interior a very modern look. The gray color of the chair allows it to be combined with various accessories and furniture. Making it perfect for any home.

Backrest support: We need a chair to support our back over time. Without the proper support, people experience back pain and uncomfortable posture. This chair is constructed to offer you the support you need. The rounded armrest also gives your arm a comfortable place to rest, where you won’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Comfort: Comfort is essential when buying furniture, especially chairs. The original womb chair is known for its ample seating area and breathable pillows. This Yaheetech chair serves the function of a womb chair. The surface of the linen fabric makes the seat breathable and soft, providing the highest level of comfort.

If you have guests in the house, they will feel very comfortable sitting in this chair. The matching footrest that comes with the seat also adds another level of comfort to you. The size and height of the footrest are perfect for supporting your legs and lounging comfortably on a chair.

Durability: The durability of a chair is paramount. Since no one wants a chair to break after a while. Many seat cushions lose their integrity, causing discomfort. The manufacturer paid particular attention to the construction of this chair to avoid this type of problem. The material used to make the chairs is first-class and high-quality. The seat frame is sturdy enough to last a long time and supports a maximum weight of 297.6 lbs.

Floor protection: We often see marks or discoloration when we move our furniture. This is due to the lack of protective adhesives on the floor. You will not face any of this. The chair legs have protective floor patches that prevent unwanted stains on the floor.


  • Exquisite design, which fits into almost any room.
  • This chair is very comfortable and ergonomic.
  • This chair looks very luxurious.


  • Limited production
  • the womb chair is not swivel

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2. OFMMid Century Modern Tufted Fabric Lounge Chair

best replica womb chair

The Mid-Century OFM Modern Tufted Fabric Armchair provides a pleasant and comfortable chair that will last a long time. The chair is generally very well made.

Product Features:

Aesthetic: This chair is another creation worth mentioning for furniture that will give your home a modern and elegant note. If you have guests in the house, they will indeed congratulate you on the chair. Manufacturers have tried to make the seams perfect. There are three color variations to pick from White, light gray, and light blue. If you are a color lover, the blue chair is sure to amaze your taste buds.

Backrest support: The backrest of this seat provides excellent back support. They designed the backrest to eliminate the risk of back pain. People with upper/lower back pain will feel comfortable sitting in a chair. The armrest is also rounded and offers excellent support for the arms.

Comfort: The 3.5-inch thick cushions make the chair seat soft to sit on. The fabric of the chair is breathable and gentle on the skin. Everyone will appreciate the time spent in a chair. The large seating area offers more space for your body to rest. The ottoman supplied with the chair takes comfort to another level.

Sturdiness: The overall durability of the seat is sturdy and durable. The materials used for the chair’s production are high-quality, and the wooden frame is also made of high-quality wood. When it comes to wet pillows, this chair doesn’t stay that long. The weight capacity of this seat is also sustainable.

Floor protection: This chair is equipped with a footpad on each leg to eliminate any possibility of scratching and damaging the floor. With protective pads, the movement of the seat is also more effortless.


  • Very luxurious looking chair.
  • The best chair for the living room.
  • Three colors to select from.


  • The look is not similar to a womb chair
  • womb chair is not cheap

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3. Mcombo Accent Chair With Ottoman

womb chair replica

The Mcombo chair can provide comfort in many different areas. The womb chair alternative can be a side chair, dressing chair, or reading chair to decorate any room you place it in. From an office area to any corner of your room.

It comes with a movable ottoman that can support your legs or just keep them high whenever you want. Keep it separate from the chair to give the room a pop of color. The gray color of the chair allows it to be combined with a wide range of accessories and furniture, making it ideal for any environment.

Product Features:

Aesthetic: The entire seat is designed without suspended access from it. Its perfectly symmetrical curves fit perfectly into any modern design language. The Mcombo chair is available in 5 different colors: yellow, blue, brown, burgundy, and gray.

Backrest support: When you sit in the velvet chair with the curved backrest and pillow, you will feel completely enveloped in the chair. The high-density sponge provides excellent support for those sitting in the chair. It is not rigid, and it supports relieving fatigue and keeping the back straight.

Comfort: The new terrycloth design fills the entire seat, providing smooth rounded edges in every corner. The surface it offers is enough to sit comfortably in any position. Also, the included pillow will provide you with gentle support for your rest, allowing you to relax fully and feel at peace.

Sturdiness: The velvet fabric is tender to the back and does not weaken or irritate the skin. It is a durable fabric that does not fade quickly. The seat is solid on the floor, thanks to the iron legs and the stable frame.

Floor protection: You won’t get any scratches on the floor. The chair legs include floor protection stickers to prevent unsightly stains on the floor.


  • This chair is the best velvet chair you can find at this price.
  • Velvet does not peel off.
  • Very robust and durable.


  • Limited production

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4. Modway Nutshell Mid-Century Accent Lounge Chair

Modway Nutshell Mid-Century Modern Faux Leather Accent Lounge Chair

The Modway Nutshell Mid-Century Accent Lounge Chair is a replica of an original womb chair. The elegance of this chair is in place. We are impressed, and you will be too.

Product Features:

Aesthetic: Red is the color of love. Looking at the chair, everyone will fall in love with it. The design of this replica is very close to the original chair. Womb chairs are very stylish and luxurious, but you have to pay a lot of money for them. With this replica of the Womb chair, you will pay less and get precisely an original look.

Backrest support: The backrest of a womb chair supports you wonderfully. Now the question is: can you find the same backrest on this chair? The answer is yes. The dimensions of this chair are pretty similar to the original Womb chair. This chair has an excellent feeling. The backrest supports your back and prevents you from having all kinds of back pain. The armrest of this chair also supports the arm in the best possible way.

Comfort: Womb chairs keep your stool comfortable from the start. Can the exact comfort of this chair be compared to the original womb chair? Yes, it can. The material used to make the seats and the pillow is very soft and plush. You will enjoy every moment on this chair. In addition to being attractive to the eye, this chair will satisfy your sitting experience.

Sturdiness: The creator of this chair has retained the iconic stainless steel legs of the original chair. The frame holds the seat very well, and the stainless steel supports the entire seat without a glance. The legs of this chair are pretty reliable when it comes to stability. The seams are very well done, which means you won’t see any loose threads or fabrics here and there.

Floor protection: Each leg of this chair has a floor protection pad, which prevents scratches when the chair is moved. No matter the numbers of times you move the chair, your floor will be well protected. We know you don’t want any stains or damage.


  • The chair is very well made.
  • The chair looks almost the same as the original womb stool.
  • The dimensions are also similar to the original chair.


  • Limited production

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5. Rivet Farr Lotus Accent Chair

Rivet Farr Lotus Accent Chair

The Rivet Farr Lotus Accent chair offers us a high-end design, very similar to the OG Womb chair but unique. The chair is encompassing, but what about comfort and design? Let’s find out below.

Product Features:

Aesthetic: The look of this chair is unique. The lotus shape of the chair is sure to please your eyes. The chair gives your home a modern look in the best possible way. From the top part to the chair legs, everything is designed to perfection. The feeling of luxury this chair offers is very uplifting. Although it does not look like an Ottoman chair or knoll womb chair, it serves its purpose.

Backrest support: As mentioned above, comfort is essential when it comes to the comfort of a chair. The seats are designed to be comfortable and, if they are not ergonomic, you may experience fatigue and back pain.

This chair may seem unique, but it is designed to support your back perfectly. When you sit in a chair and touch your back to the backrest, your spine will be relaxed in the best possible way. People with back pain can sit on a chair because it does not interfere with the spine.

Comfort: We must mention the ample seating area offered by this chair. The lotus shape gives the chair more space to sit, which allows the body to relax. The height is perfect for keeping your legs low, and you can keep your feet on the chair if you want. The pillow is firm enough to keep you in an ergonomic position and soft enough to feel comfortable.

Durability: The legs of the chair have a cross shape which helps the legs to support the entire chair with stability. The materials used for the production of the chair are of the highest quality. The seams on the fabric are also continuous. The foam does not deteriorate over time, and if you replace it, the chair is inexpensive.

Floor protection: They say you have to sacrifice something to get what you want. Let’s say no. With the unique design of this chair, it is easy to assume that the chair legs have no floor protection. Each foot is equipped with two protective pads, eliminating the possibility of leaving marks and scratches on the floor.


  • This seat is unique
  • Very luxurious looking chair.
  • The ample living space offers maximum comfort.


  • The design of the chair replica is not the same as the womb chair.

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6. GiantexMassage Chair With Ottoman

GiantexMassage Chair With Ottoman

This Giantex massage chair with an ottoman massage chair has nothing to do with a womb chair. But don’t go there yet, this chair has some fantastic things you might like, and that’s why it is worth mentioning.

Product Features:

Aesthetic: The appearance of this chair is exquisite and velvety. This chair will look great in living rooms and bedrooms. This chair is quite similar to a vintage armchair. This chair doesn’t look overwhelming; it’s luxurious but straightforward.

Backrest support: As a massage chair, this chair is designed to be ergonomic. Your backrest supports your back in a way that will make the massage experience pleasant for you, and your body will be well supported during the massage.

Comfort: When it comes to comfort and backrest, this chair is the best. If you want a massage after a long day at work, this chair will come in handy. The remote control is offered to control the massage chair—the full massage option massages the lower back nicely. There are 4-massage modes to choose from. The ottoman also increases comfort. The height of the ottoman is the best for holding the legs up high.

Sturdiness: The chair is made of durable and sturdy materials. If necessary, you can also clean the chair at home. The general construction will stay together for a long time.

Floor protection: The chair’s foot is equipped with an anti-scratch protector pad on the floor to protect it from scratches.


  • Vintage chair.
  • The chair has four massage modes.
  • Relaxes your tense body.


  • The chair does not look like the original womb chair.

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What Is A Womb Chair?

Created in 1946 by architect and furniture designer Eero Saarinen, the iconic womb chair is (and I can’t overstate) as contemporary and daring as when it debuted over 70 years ago. Few functional objects have achieved high artistic status; rare exceptions include a few iconic pieces of mid-century modern furniture. Barcelona, ​​or Eames, and, of course, the womb chair are examples, all of which are objects and chairs of contemporary art.

Based on principles that value well-crafted everyday objects, mid-century modern designers used natural and contemporary materials to create aesthetically beautiful, comfortable, and functional organic shapes for ordinary people.

The womb chair challenge, in particular, was posed by architect, furniture designer, and interior designer Florence Knoll. He asked Saarinen to design a chair that would look like “a basket full of pillows,” something he could curl into. The result, after two years and countless unsuccessful attempts to design a chair that “works” that looks so comfortable everywhere, is the sleek curved chair, originally called Model no. 70.

Minimalist and organic, Saarinen described it as “a cup-shaped shell that you can wrap yourself in and lift your legs.” It was so heart-warming to sit back and relax, both physically and psychologically, that it quickly became widely known as the Womb Chair.

What Is The Story Behind The Womb Chair?

Designed in 1948, the Womb chair has a long tradition. It is famous for its distinctive shape, which mimics how fetuses are in their mothers’ wombs. This flexible design accommodates multiple seating positions. You can bend over the chair or lie down comfortably with your legs supported by a footrest attached to the chair.

Many people have seen womb chairs in the movies. Some movies that contain the womb chair are The Moon is Blue, Legally Blonde, Down with Love, Justice League, and Young Promise.

Points To Consider Before Purchasing A Womb Chair Replica

Below are some helpful tips to consider before buying a replica of a womb chair.

The Size Of Your Room:

Before purchasing a replica, make sure it matches the size of your room; you need to measure the space area of your room first, then try to buy a replica of the womb chair accordingly.

Overall Build-Up:

The overall build-up of a womb chair replica is an essential consideration when purchasing a womb chair replica. Try to buy a replica with levers and handles that are easy to use and look exactly like the official womb chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which replica womb chair is affordable?

Rivet Farr Lotus accent chair is the best womb chair replica at affordable prices. It is a comfortable replica designed in the middle of the century for you to relax.

When was the womb chair designed?

The womb chair looked like a modern luxury, but it was designed in 1946 and sold in 1948.

How comfortable is a womb chair?

Womb chairs are made with high-quality and are very relaxing to sit on. These chairs were first designed in 1946 at the request of Florence Knoll.


People have a common idea about replicas: they are cheap and of poor quality, but that’s not always the issue for replica womb chairs and ottomans. Yes! There are cheap copies, but there are also complex and reliable copies, just like the brands we have listed above.

Don’t worry; they all have different color options available, but be sure to check the available stock of the color you want before ordering. Womb chairs add a modern touch to your home’s theme and overall design and provide a space for relaxation and comfort, regardless of the location.