6 Best Ghost Chair Replica With Buying Guide of 2022

If you have ever needed to search for interior inspiration pictures, chances are you have come across these ghost chairs. To have found this written piece on the best ghost chair replica, you must have done some amount of research, which is a great start. The see-through portions of the chair make it painless to fit into any area, no matter what the style is or how much furniture is crowding the room.

At first glance, it takes up close to nil visual capacity. Now the issue most beginners face when trying to get themselves a ghost chair is that they check on the price tags of the original ghost chair. This immediately throws them off since the prices are very high so if no further research is done, it demotivates them from getting a ghost chair. Below are the top 6 best ghost replica chairs that we found.

Here Is The List of The Top 6 Best Ghost Chair Replica

If you do hurry up, in this section for you. From several materials, designs, and color choices, you can find the perfect chair according to your preference. Place it anywhere you want, at the dining table, kitchen, lounge, and study, and you have yourself a luxurious addition that only uplifts the entire look of your room.

  • Flash Furniture 4 Pack Ghost Chair
  • Louis Style Ghost Armchair Chair
  • 2xhome Armchair Modern Ghost Chair
  • GreenForest Acrylic Ghost Chairs
  • Biz Ghost Chair with Gold Metal
  • Modway Casper Modern Stacking Chair

So if you happen to be interested in getting yourself a ghost chair, you are at the right place, because below are the top 6 best replica chairs that we have reviewed, You can read this article and choose the best one.

1. Flash Furniture 4 Pack Ghost ChairFlash Furniture 4 Pack Ghost Chair

If you are looking for a chair that will blend in with the aesthetics and still elevate your space to a luxurious level, nothing will speak to you like a 4 pack ghost chair by Flash Furniture. With a promise of comfort, this set is built to last and give your space the trendy look that you deserve.

Product Features:

Transparency: The ghost chair is a hack when it comes to interior designing for beginners. With the almost invisible look, this design seems to be a go-to no matter what the style of the room is, bohemian, mid-century, modern, you name it. With the adaptive feature of this piece, you can place it anywhere, be it at the dining table or the study, or your dresser, and it will sit right in every environment.

Comfortable: You might be thinking, “plastic chairs? That will be so uncomfortable,” but it is quite the contrary! The polycarbonate plastic is great at the touch and is molded in a way that your spine will have the support it needs along with armrests.

Strongly Built: With the comfort of the customer kept in mind, the brand also focuses on the longevity of its product. As mentioned before, the chair is made up of polycarbonate, which stays intact for a long time unless there is a heavy impact. Overall the chair has dimensions of 36.5” in height and 21.125” in width.

Affordable: If you have been on the lookout for ghost chairs in the market you have surely stumbled across the original high-end brands charging way more than necessary for these trendy chairs. Flash Furniture allows you to stay in trend and show off your interior with less spending. Who would not call that a bank for the buck?


  • Comfortable and affordable.


  • The chair has seams that can be spotted by the naked eye.

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2. Armchair Replica Louis Ghost Chair

Replica Louis Ghost Chair

This product brings you options like no other. 2xHome gives you the joy of shopping and tweaking because even the smallest of your preferences matter. The link will lead you to a modern mid-century style of ghost chairs.

Product Features:

Several Options and Colors: Have you ever looked at a product and just wished that a small thing was different? Well, here your small wishes have chances of being fulfilled because with 14 different options there is bound to be that one chair style that you are looking for. Armrests, no armrests, black, clear, grey, textured back, you name it, the brand has it all including sets of numerous chairs. You can click through the various options to find them all and look for yourself.

Indoor and Outdoor Functionality: With the polycarbonate structure, the chair can be put to use both indoors and outdoors. In the sun or rain, this chair will not take damage like your regular wooden or cushioned chairs, so this is great for multi-use! Polycarbonate also makes the chair more durable than an acrylic chair, since polycarbonate is known to be one of the strongest plastics.

Gloss Finish and Immaculate Fashion Statement: The chairs are finished with a glossy coating that gives them a luxurious feel and absolutely uplifts the look of your room without interrupting your color scheme. It will keep your chair from becoming cloudy after a few uses. The gloss effect is meant to reflect light so the chairs do not dull down your room despite being almost invisible.

Low Cost: As with any Replica Louis Ghost Chair on the market, these chairs come within a low budget while still giving you advantages that the original ghost chairs bring.


  • Multiple options of designs and colors make shopping a fun experience.


  • Returning a purchased chair is a hassle according to previous customers.

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3. 2xhome – Modern Ghost Chair Armchair

2xhome – Modern Ghost Chair Armchair

So far in this list, this is the only option where you cannot find a 4 pack of chairs. Here you can also find a more modern take on the ghost chair designs. All the designs come with armrests and a solid back to support your posture. The color options include clear, smoke, black, and white.

Product Features:

Solid Polycarbonate: A recurring factor so far it seems, is what these chairs are created with. Here the chairs are created of polycarbonate material that is tough and stays firm even after years of use. It also allows the chair to withstand the sun, rain, etc., unlike the average wooden dining chair. Imagine having these set out at an outdoor event instead of the usual white plastic chairs. That alone will bring your party up a notch even and be a great ice breaker.

Individual Mold: With the chair being molded with just one injection, it is seamless to the eye. With this method, you will find the injection point in a part of the chair which is mostly misunderstood as a defect. With this single point of injection, you may find swirls and the injection point, but do not be alarmed as they are not defects.

Gloss Finish: The 2xHome chair is finished a sealed with a glossy element that keeps it looking shiny and new over the years. This keeps your room or selected area from looking dull.


  • Lightweight, so great for children or seniors.


  • The description includes a picture of two chairs, but you will only get a solo chair upon purchase. A bit on the pricier side.

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4. GreenForest Acrylic Ghost Chairs

GreenForest Acrylic Ghost Chairs

At first sight, the GreenForest chairs look different from the rest of the chairs seen so far. These also come in a set of four and pair up great with a wooden table.

Product Features:

Acrylic: The chair is made up of acrylic, which is proven to be lightweight, UV resistant has outstanding clarity, and is a great insulator when it comes to temperature. Even with spills, the acrylic is effortless to clean and does not scratch easily.

Sturdy and Fashionable: The design is a shell structure with no armrest and the legs of the chair give a wooden illusion but are in fact made of metal. The clear shell along with the striking legs gives it a very different look. This gives the chair more durability as well as weight.

With the metal legs, anyone with a different preference can just unscrew them and spray a different color on them to achieve their desired look. With the X-shaped backing under the seat, it gives the chair more strength to withstand a lot of weight, additionally, the seat is 18.3 inches wide.

Low Cost: Coming in a set of four, the value is quite less than the original ghost chairs on the market. For a fraction of the price, you can get yourself the perfect chairs for your dining or lounge and kitchen area. Having an accent chair gives a house quite the glamour and a new look, plus with the price it comes in, 4 chairs are a steal!


  • Great price for a set of four chairs.


  • The screws connecting the legs to the seat must be tightened, otherwise, the chair can break and cause injuries.

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5. BizChair Ghost Chair with Gold Metal

BizChair Ghost Chair

Released in September 2020, BizChair is another brand that offers you ghost chairs differently at first sight.

Product Features:

Comfortable: The BizChair ghost chair has a shell-shaped back with a waterfall seat which not only supports your back but the seat decreases the pressure that falls upon your legs when taking a seat. The floor glides attached to the rear end of the chair legs also add a comfort factor. When moving the chair, the glides keep the chair from making that annoying screeching noise we are all too familiar with.

Stylish Metal Legs: The gold metal legs of this chair offer an accent like no other. The leg design contains thin metals that are not heavy on the eye yet the shine gives it a little glamour. A ghost chair like this is for those who do not want a completely invisible chair, but rather something that goes easy on the eye but makes the guests do a double-take.

Polypropylene: Although not as tough as the polycarbonate material that is used to make most of these chairs, polypropylene is still up there as one of the sturdy types of plastic. The seat is 18.25” wide, so you can rest assured that the chair can endure as much as 450 pounds of weight on it. The chair itself only weighs 10 pounds so it is great for children too.


  • Great comfort and quality for the price.


  • Does not come as a set of four and the gold metal legs of the chair seem brown in real life.

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6. Modway Casper Modern Acrylic Stacking Chair

Modway Casper Modern Acrylic Stacking Chair

Modway Casper Stacking Chair, we go back to the classic and widely offered shape in the realm of ghost chairs. Here we can find only one option and color of a single chair.

Product Features:

Polycarbonate: Much like the first few options of chairs in this list, we see the use of polycarbonate again. As mentioned before, polycarbonate is known to be one of the strongest types of plastic, so rest assured that this chair will not break under you or your guest. The maximum weight it can withstand is an impressive 331 lbs and the material does not chip so easily. Over usage though, it does become yellow

Smooth Design with Support: The seamless design offers both back and arm support. So it is perfect for people who seem to get lower back pain when sitting without these supports. It is also great for long time use, for example in the study or lounge area. The chair being see-through has a crystal finish which makes the furniture look luxurious and not a cheap buy. For the budget, it offers an impeccable addition to your home without over-crowding.

Affordable: When compared to the real deal, the material used in both the original ghost chair and this replica is the same. They both offer a modern intuitive solution with just a small change, the price. With a much lesser budget, you can get almost, if not, the same effect that goes lighter on your pocket.


  • The product comes assembled and is great for its price.


  • Does not come in a set of four.

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A Complete Buying Guide of The Best Ghost Chair Replica

So now that you have read the details on all the listed products, it is also important to know what you can do before or during the buying stage. Below are a few tips and tricks that may help you.


You have obviously done some amount of research that allowed you to find replica ghost chairs and this article. However, know that there is more for you to learn and decide on. From the different shapes and designs to the material used to make the chair, each can make a difference and have an impact on your preference.

By reading this piece you have already come across three types of materials that are used, polycarbonate, acrylic, and polypropylene. To know all the differences between each, you must search and read.

Make Yourself Familiar:

So you have read everything once and already forgotten which is which, do you think that would be ideal? Jot down small notes. If you do not feel like writing you can always use the speech-to-text feature on your phone keyboard. Make a note of what you like so far. Does your family member have a back problem? Write down back support is necessary. Do you have children in the house? Write down if you prefer a lightweight chair, etc.

Design Variations:

Even though the definition of a ghost chair is being transparent and not taking up visual space, it does not hurt to go through the available designs and pick your favorite.

In this written piece alone we have seen the oval back both with and without arms, the shell-shaped back, and metal legs, but there are more out there such as the barstool and even a kid’s version! There is so much out there to explore. You can go out to a local store and look at all the varieties to make a mental note of which is more to your liking.

Set or No Set:

Know where you will place your chairs in your home. This will give you an idea of how many you want. If your preferred place is at the dining table then you will surely need a set. Some chairs, for example, the Emma +  Oliver in this list do not come in a set, so make sure you read the description and reviews properly. Reviews also give you a sense of how the chair will function from legitimate customers. Returns can be quite a hassle so be sure of everything before you make that purchase.

With all that said, the last crucial step after making your best replica ghost chair purchase is to set them up in your home and take in how beautiful your space looks.


How do I clean these chairs?

Since all the chairs in this list are either polycarbonate, acrylic, or polypropene, you do not need to worry about an accidental coffee spill giving a stain. Clean up easily with a paper towel or wipe it down with a cloth. For a more scheduled clean-up, you can take a glass cleaner and cloth to get your sparkling chair back. Do not use anything tough to avoid getting your chair scratched.

I have a very colorful room, will a ghost chair look good?

Yes. A ghost chair is just what its name suggests, it can blend right in and almost look invisible. This is what makes it such a hyped and modern interior piece. To the eye, this chair takes up no space. A crowded space with a dining table can be saved with a set of ghost chairs since the clear look gives the illusion of free space.

What is the difference between polycarbonate and acrylic? Which should I purchase?

Although both are great materials to be used as your furniture, there are pros and cons to each. If you are looking for the same material that is used in the making of the original ghost chairs, polycarbonate is the way to go.

Polycarbonate is sturdier under a heavy impact and hence has lower chances of getting chipped. Acrylic however has the upper hand when it comes to scratch resistance and clarity. It also does not look yellow with use. With all those facts laid out, the decision is yours to take. What do you prefer? Polycarbonate or acrylic?

Are these replica ghost chairs affordable?

The price range is a huge change when you compare the original and replica ghost chairs. Some links will let you buy single pieces while some allow you to buy a set of four ghost chairs. Depending on how many you want and what your budget is, you can browse around and compare the cost of each piece.

Flash Furniture and GreenForest for example both offer sets of 4 chairs. Do not forget to go through the options on each page as sometimes they are easy to miss. Happy shopping!

Final Verdict

It sure does seem like a lot of steps before buying that perfect chair for you, but rest assured that once you find and get hold of the best ghost chair replica out there, you will be elated and feel proud every time your guests compliment you.

A ghost chair is well known for being such a statement piece but not enough for its multi-purpose. Being made of plastic, it can be used as both an indoor and outdoor sitting option. Some chairs even have UV protection, so be it under the rain or the sun, your chair will sit through it all. There are also recyclable ghost chair options for those who care about the environment.

So you see there is something for everyone! All it will take is a bit of research and you might just find your ghost chair in shining armor.

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